Latest Past Events

Penny Poker

The WIT Method 402 N Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek

Join fellow card players in a lively afternoon session of one of the most popular card games around.  The pace of play is relaxed, conversation is light and competition is friendly.  Whether it’s Stud, Straight or Draw; our group plays ‘em all.  Whatever the choice, our games are meant to give stroke survivors the opportunity […]

Stroke Support Group

The WIT Method 402 N Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek

Support groups bring together people who are having or have had similar experiences and allows people to share their personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, and firsthand information about their recoveries. Space is limited and registration is required.  Email us at if you would like to attend. We also offer this support group via […]

Brain Healthy Cooking and Nutrition

These sessions focus on brain health and supporting a lasting recovery through good eating habits and a diet rich in both ingredient variety and delicious flavor.  We’ll talk about what the brain needs to for optimal health, foods that contribute to protective benefits and what we can do to incorporate these choices into our diets […]