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We Work With Individuals & Groups

Individual Therapy

Life after stroke has its challenges. Just getting ready for the day can cause stress and fatigue.  Having the opportunity for some self care is vitally important to individuals recovering from stroke.  Our individual therapies can help with stress reduction, muscle discomfort, low energy, and the relief of many other effects of stroke.

Group Activities

Having a stroke can be a very isolating experience.  This can lead to feelings of depression, hopelessness and despair.  Getting together with other stroke survivor warriors is a great way to discover that you’re not alone.  Additionally, participating in group activities that foster support, inspiration and positivity, helps promote forward progress and continued improvement as stroke survivors move through their own recovery journey.

Our Modalities & Services

Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy is an important part of many people’s treatment plans to help them return to daily activities. Massage has numerous mental health benefits.
Even those who are only interested in the physical benefits report feeling less stressed after receiving a massage.

Energy Therapy

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Energy therapy seeks to promote the free flow of energy.  People can use it to treat a specific condition or to improve their overall well-being, and some combine it with other therapy modalities.


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Acupuncture is the practice of inserting thin, solid, metallic needles into the skin and activating them with gentle and specific movements of the practitioner’s hands or electrical stimulation.
Acupuncture has been shown in studies to be effective for a wide range of conditions.


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The  WIT Method curates a library of resources for stroke patients that will be made available on our website, in our published material and during our workshops.  Contact us for more information.

Our Approach

We have always believed that life is what you make it.  How you respond to life after stroke determines your path through the journey of recovery.  Having a place that is collaborative, innovative and driven by kindness allows stroke survivor warriors an opportunity to strive and to thrive!

By providing a welcoming and supportive environment, we hope our clients feel safe and open to learning new things, challenging the norms and to be willing to try whatever it takes to make their lives after stroke better than they even thought possible.  It’s important to us that stroke survivors believe they can and will continue to play a vital role in their own lives and also in their communities.

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